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2015 Malta IOM Open Invitation

22 March 2015

Last day of racing at the Malta Open today and it started off with some swirling winds, the swell was still rolling in from the south east and a couple of races were held in very light winds and heavy swell. However, by the middle of the day, the wind swung around to the usual SW direction when the wind picked up to about force 4 so it was more or less number 2 rigs all round. Zvonko kept his lead and won the event, congratulations to Zvonko, well done. In second place came John Tushingham followed by Huub and fourth place went to our local sailor, Darren Abdilla (well done) and the last place was taken by Ken.

I hope you all enjoyed this event and thank you to all the skippers for coming from all over Europe.
21 March 2015

First day of spring started like mid winter in Malta today. Wind picked up to force 6 plus so with the sea coming into the bay, we moved location and sailed at a little bay on the north western edge of the Island called Little Armir. Unfortunately, not a lot of sailing complted due to the unusually large number of protests and the time taken to resolve. Anyway, on the whole, I think that most skippers had a good day out even if we did not sail a lot. What sailing there was turned out to be excellent, wind skipping accross the bay and we started the morning with number 3 rigs. In the afternoon, the wind dropped a little so the number 2 rig was out.

At the end of the day, we have a new leader, Zvonko showed his skills in the high wind but relatively flat waters, second place is now Huub but only 1 point behind. In third plac it is still John T. In fourth place comes our local hero, Darren and a new fifth place for the day with Claes B.

Tomorrow, the last day, we are expecting light to moderate winds from the SW, which should make for a fine ending to our friendly races.

20 March 2015

Second day of sailing at this years event was similar conditions to yesterday but a more northerly wind but slightly less swell in the bay. A couple of changes at the top of the leader board with Huub still holding on to top spot. Tomorrow, forecast is for stronger winds so in for some fun sailing.

19 March 2015

The 2015 Malta Open Invitation got under way today at the Mellieha Bay Hotel, kindly sponsored by Thomas Smith Group and BOV. Sea state was rough but wind was light to moderate. End of day 1 results are on the results sub page of the 2015 Open event page. Click here to go directly to the event page.

9 March 2015

Notice to all entrants for the 2015 Malta IOM Open Invitation. Please ensure that you bring with you your measurement certificate for the boat which you will be sailing in this event. We also kindly request you to bring a photo copy of your certificate for our records. Thank you.

25 November 2014
We now have all of our available slots taken for the 2015 Malta IOM Open Invitation. Thank you all for your fantastic support of our humble event here in Malta. Should one of the listed skippers drop out, the next skipper in line on the waiting list will be advised formally. Skippers already on the Entry List are advised that they cannot transfer their invitation should they be undable to attend for any reason.

31 October 2014
Due to the overwhelming response for an invitation to this event, anyone who has not already written to asking to be placed on the waiting list from 20:00 hours CET today, has to expect to be dissapointed.

The 2015 Malta IOM Open will take place at the Mellieha Bay Hotel from 19 to 22 March 2014. To be able to participate in this very friendly event, please send an e-mail to to be added to the entry waiting list.

Those of you who have had invites and your name does not appear on the entry list on this web site, please ensure you notify the Organising Committee ASAP as space is very limited and slots are going quickly.


9 March 2015

The Matthew Debono Cup will be held at the Mellieha Bay Hotel on Saturday 14 March 2015, let's have a full fleet in Memory of our friend Matthew. This race will also count towards the 2015 Winter Series Races.

23 February 2015

The 5th race of the Winter Series will be held this coming Saturday at the Mellieha Bay Hotel. First race will start at 1300 so if you are interested in sailing remote controlled sailing boats, come down to the Hotel and meet us all there.

9 February 2015

Race 4 of the 2015 Winter Series will be held at the Mellieha Bay Hotel next Saturday, 14 March with the first race about 1300, it will take some time to lay the buoys so maybe a 1330 start. Hope to see you all there.

4 February 2015

Race 3 of the 2015 Winter Series will be held at Xemxija this coming Saturday 7 February, first race at 1300. See you all there,

Check out the superb photos from Bill Oliver from his visit in January, See our facebook page, link above.

20 January 2015

Racing this coming Saturday 24 January 2015 once more at Xemxija. First race to start at 1300 hours so please be there in time. Allow extra time as there are all sorts of road works on the coast road and the diversions are worse than normal (and for Malta that's something !!!).

4 January 2015

Happy New Year to all.

Next race will be Saturday 10 January 2015, at Xemxija, 1300 first race. Hope to see you all there.

20 December 2015

The annual Christmas Cup was held today at Xemxija and won by Darren, second place Robert and third was Albert, well done to all skippers and Merry Christmas.

15 December 2015

The 6th and final race of the 2014 Autumn Series was held last Saturday (13th December) at Xemxija. Wind was almost perfect from a Westerly direction making sailing on flat seas and little swell. Darren once again took first place and with Robert coming in fourth position on the day, Darren took the overall winner of the Autumn Series for 2014. Congratulations Darren, a deserved winner. Some pics of the final days sailing will be put on our facebook page shortly.

28 November 2014

The 5th race of the Autumn Series will take place once agian at Xemxija. First race starts at 1300 sharp. See you all there.

11 November 2014

The 4th race of the Autumn Series will be held this Saturday at St. Thomas Bay. First race will be at 1300 sharp. See you all there.

28 October 2014

The third race of the Autumn Series will take place at Xemxija next Saturday 1 November 2014 starting at 1300 hours. Skippers are requested to be on site by 12:30 to prepare and set up your boats.

19 October 2014

Racing took place last Saturday 18 October 2014 in Xemxija after a last minute change of venue due to vehicular problems!!! The wind was a steady west north westerly and made for some good sailing with flat seas and a reasonable wind. Darren won the days event after returning from a successful Europeans with some excellent sailing. Next race wiil be on Saturday 1 November 2014.

October 2014

Urgent notice, races on Saturday 18 October 2014 will be at Xemxija, be there at 13:30 for the first race at 14:00

14 October 2014

Next IOM race meeting will be held at St. Thomas Bay on Saturday 18 October. First race will start at 1400 sharp so please be there in time to rig and be ready to race on time.

5 October 2014

The first race of the 2014 Autumn series was held in light but steady wind conditions with a course running parallel to the control area. Chris won out on the days racing with a strong second place going to Alan even though he missed the first race of the day.

Next race in 2 weeks time.

21 September 2014

Information about the 2015 Malta IOM Open Invitation has now been added to this web site, click on the shortcut in the menu on the left.

19 September 2014

Hi All, get ready for the 2014 Autumn Series, first race will be on Saturday 4 October at Xemxija. 1400 is the start time for the first race. Hope to see you all there.

8 June 2014

The season ending Summer Shield was held on Saturday 7 June 2014 at Ghadira. One of the best days sailing for some time with near perfect conditions with a light to moderate westerly wind for all races bar one. Robert took first prize with some good sailing and Joe came a close second with Albert, taking the third place slot. Well done to the 3 prize winners. Thank you to all who participated, not only in this race but thoughout the season. We now break for summer and will resume sailing at the end of September, beginning October.

Enjoy your summer.

2 June 2014

The final race of the season will be the International Paints Summer Shield which is traditionally held on 7 June each year. This year we will be at Ghadira with the first race starting at 1330, this coming saturday (the Ghadira sailing club slipway is on the south east side of the bay close to the boat houses). Anyone interested in our sport is welcome to come along and see the IOM fleet in action.

This will be the last event as we now take a break for the summer for about 3 months.

28 May 2014

The next race is the final race of the 2014 spring series which will be held at St. Thomas Bay on Saturday 31 May 2014 starting at 13:45.

All skippers to be on site and registered before 13:30

24 May 2014

The penultimate race of the 2014 Spring Series event was won by Joe, well done and some good sailing too. Wind was strong from the North East and made for heavy seas so the skipper who timed his tacks best on the beat was always in with a chance. Some good positions from Ivan as well which pushed him up to 2nd place overall on the day.

20 May 2014

The 2014 Malta IOM National Championships were held at St. Thomas Bay over the weekend of 17 and 18 May 2014. Wind conditions on Saturday were very light and variable, with the accent on variable. Our boat man of the day had to change course about 6 times on Saturday but Sunday brought cloud and a very constant wind from the east averaging Force 5 and piping 6 at times.

Sailing was good, MLT25 sailed by Darren was in a class of his own and he won the 2 day event with east. Congratulations to Darren, an awsome 2 days sailing.

Special thanks go to the girls for orgnaising and looking after the races, line and scoring. Thanks, without you we could not have done this.

Also, a special mention must go to Tony, MLT10 and Ivan MLT 73 who sailed extremely well and scored good points with some really good saling.

Photos will be on the club Facebook page shorly, Check them out

10 May 2014

Once again, Darren sailed superbly well and won the days racing in fantastic conditions at Xemija.

Next races will be the 2014 IOM Malta National Championship on 17 and 18 May 214, this is a closed race for Maltese Nationals Only, registration to be completed on the day as per NOR which has been circulated to all Maltese registered skippers. Venue is St. Thomas Bay and first race will be soon after 1000 hours. Don't be late.

Darren won the Spring Series Race Day 3 which was sailed in superb westerly force 4 - 5 conditions, well done Darren.

Next IOM races will be on Saturday 10 May 2014 at Xemxija before we head off to St. Thomas Bay for the 2014 Malta National Championships. Hope to see you all at both lots of races.

Photos of the 2014 Open have been uploaded onto the 2014 pages of this site, see menu on left and click on sub menu button.

Dragon Force Notice Board

3 March 2015

Saturday 7 March and we will be racing at the Mellieha Bay Hotel, first race will be 1300 and we will have to lay a full course so please come early to help. Hope to see all the DF club members for this final race before the 2015 Open.

16 February 2015

The third race of the 2015 winter series will be held on Saturday 21 February at the reservoir at Pembroke. First race will be at 1300.

28 January 2015

We will be racing this weekend at Pembroke reservoir, Winds look like they will be strong so we are in for some good fun. Races start at 1300 so be there!!!!

13 January 2015

Next race will be the first race of the 2015 Winter Series. We shall meet at Pembroke on Saturday 17 January 2015 for the first race at 1300. Hope to see you there.

20 December 2014

The Christmas Cup was held at Xemxija today with the DF boats racing in and amongst the IOM class. Chris P won this event with Thomas coming second place. Well done to all skippers and see you next season. Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to all.

15 December 2015

The MMBA Christmas Cup will be held on Saturday 20 December 2014 at Xemxija. This year we will be organising races for both the Dragon Force RG65 boats and the IOM class boats. First race will start at 1300 so hope to see you there.

6 December 2014

The third and final race of the DF RG65 Autumn Series races was held this afternoon at the Pembroke reservoir. Congratulations to Darren who has become the first Series Champion for the Dragon Force RG65 class boat in our inaugural season. Well done Darren. Full race results are on the Dragon Force Autumn Series Race Results which you will find on the menu bar to the left. The next race for the DF class will be the Christmas Cup to be held on 20 December 2014 at Xemxija.

3 December 2014

Next DF races will be at Pembroke Reservoir, fresh water sailing for a change and no sloppy seas and waves, first race starts at 1300 this coming Saturday 6 December 2014. Come down and have a go.

28 November 2014

We shall try and sail at the Pembroke reservoir on Saturday 6 December 2014 as hopfully there will be enough water to float the boats. Stand by for the official NOR which will be sent to DF skippers.

17 November 2014

Next Dragon Force Races will be on Saturday 22 November at Xemxija. Hope to see you all there

3 November 2014

Next Saturday, 8 November 2014 we shall hold our first official Dragon Force RG65 races. Entry will be limited to only the Dragon Force model of the RG65 class boat. Racing will take place at Xemxija starting at 1300 hours with a new format of sailing as detailed in the NOR.

21 October 2014

Next meeting for the DF boats will be this coming Saturday 25 October 2014 at Xemxija starting at 1400. Casual sailing but we will do some team racing this week so come on down!!!

14 October 2014

Last Saturday we had a reasonable showing of DF boats out on Xemxija Bay. Racing was very informal and enjoyed by all. It was good to see some new faces there and we hope to see more in the future. The next race meeting for the DF RG65 class boat will be on 25 October 2014 at 1400 also at Xemxija. Look forward to seeing you there.

5 October 2014

Next Saturday, 11 October, we shall have a fun day race so that all of the newer members of the club can get some help with boat setting and race strategy etc. A circular will be sent to all members later in the week to advise time and location of this fun race.

Look forward to seeing all the DFRG65's that are now in Malta, we should get a fleet of over 10 boats this weekend.

2 June 2014

The last meeting of the DF RG65 took place on 1 June 2014 in light airs mainly from the north east and some match racing style starts. Very close racing throughout the day as these little boats perform very evenly and someimes only 3 or 4 boats lenghts cover 1st to 3rd place finishes.

We now take our summer break but will be back in late September early October when we shall start full race days for this new class of boat.

Keep watching this space for more information

28 May 2014

DF RG 65 fun sailing will be held at Xemxija on Sunday 1 June 2014 fom 10:00 to late lunch time. Hope to see you there.

20 May 2014

Next DF RG65 sailing will be held on Sunday 25 May at about 1030 hours. Come down and have a go. Venue will be Xemxija.

10 May 2014

Dragon Force Sailing will be held next at Xemxija on Sunday 25 May at 10:30 am, a course will be set and we shall organise fun sailing for the morning and into early afternoon. Hope to see all DF RG65 sailors there.

Below boat is now sold. Anyone interested in sailing one of these superb (and very cheap) little radio controlled yachts, please contact someone at the club before you buy so that you are sure to purchase a boat that you will be allowed to race.

For Sale - Dragon Force RG65 complete with full set of 3 rigs, brand new. Send e-mail to

The 2014 RG65 Malta Open took place today 1 April 2014 with a fleet of 10 boats on the water. 18 races were completed in perfect conditions with a moderate NW wind, flat sea and of course, loads of sunshine.

John Tushingham won the event with Derek Priestly coming second and third place was Liz Tushingham.

Results here.