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Welcome to The Malta Model Boat Association


The second race of the 2014 Spring Series will take place on Saturday 26 April 2014 at Xemxija. All skippers are requested to be there for 1300 for a 13:45 start.

12 races will be run and the days results will count towards the end of series results.

Photos of the 2014 Open have been uploaded onto the 2014 pages of this site, see menu on left and click on sub menu button.


Matthew Debbono - MLT 38 - RIP
In Memory of Matthew Debono IOM Skipper and friend, sadly departed 29 March 2014 whilst racing his new boat.

A Brief Introduction to our Association

The Malta Model Boat Association was formed in 1994 to promote the sport of remote controlled yacht racing in Malta. In its formative years the club was successful to the extent of organising both National and International events culminating in the World Championships in 1999. As often happens, following such a large event, interest in the sport had wained for a period of a few years. However due to a few enthusiastic members the club has contined to promote the sport locally. Thanks must be given to Robert Deleonardo (ex-President) and Albert Micallef (ex-Treasurer) who have tirelessly continued to organise events and promote the sport during these lean years.

The club has now ressurected itself and the new committee and members are showing enthusiasm with regard to rebuilding the club back to its former status.The 2013 IOM Malta Open Championships being a prime example as we had almost double the number of skippers when compared to 2012. We would welcome any new or prospective members to contact the club on the enquiry form as we would be able to allow the use of one of the club members boats if you wish to try out this wonderful and relaxing sport.

Although we only have a limmited number of boats actively racing, the enthusiasm and competetive spirit combined with the immense friendliness of the club members makes participation a real pleasure.

One of the principle aims of the club is to encourage the younger generation to join in the sport thereby ensuring the future of remote controlled sailing in Malta. The club is now actively organising "fun race days", details in the notice area above, where anyone interested in trying their hand at sailing one of these hi-tech and fast sailing yachts is welcome to come along.

We also welcome visitors from abroad to come and join us on our saiiing days which are now being organised all over the Island, to meet our members and share in the enjoyment of the sport. So if you are planning a trip over to our lovely island, please contact us as we look forward to meeting you.