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5th November 2018


The third race of the IOM Autumn Series will be run on Saturday November 10th in Melieha Bay, first race 13:00.


23rd October 2018


The second race of the IOM Autumn Series will be held on Saturday October 27th in Melieha Bay. first race 14:00.


9th october 2018


The first race of the IOM Autumn Series will be held in Melieha Bay on Saturday October13th, first race 14:00. Please arrive early to assist with laying of the marks etc.


10 June 2018

The Summer Shield was comfortably won by Darren (MLT 25), congratulations to Darren, this now means that he has won all of our trophies/series events at least once, well done, an incredible feat. We now break for the summer season and return to races in October 2018, wish you all a happy summer.


Dragon Force Notice Board




29th October 2018


The third race for the Autumn Series will be held on Saturday November 3rd at Smart City. First start 13:00


5th October 2018


The second set of races will be run at Smart City on Saturday 20th October. First start 14:00.


28 September 2018


The 2018 Autumn Series starts on 6 October 2018 with the first set of races being held at Smart City. First race will start at 1400 hours. Please arrive early to help with preparations for launching dinghy and laying the course.



10 June 2018

Yesterday was the final race of the spring 2018 season which was topped off with the Aldabra Trophy regatta held at Smart City, a really good turn out of 12 boats were there and a good wind for the day made it one of the best events we have had at this location. The winner was Darren, sailing boat number 34, congratulations to Darren winning this event on the first edition. MMBA would like to extend our gratitude to the Aldabra Gallery for kindly sponsoring this event and presenting every competitor with a prize/trophy to take home, thank you so much to the kind people at the Aldabra Gallery, Smart City, Malta.


We now break for the summer season and will return to racing at the end of September/ beginning of October 2018.